Sung to the tune of the Macarena

Sitting in my house, and I know that I'm alona,
Feeling kinda horny, got a jingle in my bona.
Go and grab a Penthouse its the one with Sharon Stona.
Hey Masturbata!!

I go a little faster and its feeling kind of nicea,
Once ain't enough so I have to do it twicea.
You wanna spank the monkey I can give you good advicea.
Hey Masturbata!!

I use some baby oil or a little Vaselina,
Laying down a towel so I keep my carpet cleana.
Never shake my hand cause you don't know where its beena
Hey Masturbata!!

I do it in the car when I'm driving down the streeta,
One hand on the wheel and the other's on my meata.
I cannot get out cause I'm sticking to the seata.
Hey Masturbata!!

Since I was a kid I have been a Masturbater,
choke the chicken, hum the knob, squeezing my tomata.
I've looked at Ms. November now I'm gonna decorate her.
Hey, Masturbata!!

Buffing the banana, just a pullin on my roota,
Pounding on the flounder and its mayo that I makea.
I wank it and I spank it, god my hand is just achinga.
Hey, Masturbata!!